Pitch Festival Folkestone

Pitch Festival Folkestone


We rolled up to the very first year of Pitch Festival in Folkestone and it was the perfect festival to revel in freedom, find peace in your heart, listen to some incredible local musical talent and watch the stars as the meteors fell upon us.
When i first heard about Pitch Festival put on by the Paddlesworth project at Paddlesworth farm i had to spin down there to see what they were doing. The freedom to just breath and do as my heart desires was at the forefront of my mind and at Pitch Festivals foundation.

For £30 you can turn up and pitch as anything you like and the kids can go for free. This is exciting as more and more in the growing world of festivals is there a division between caravaners, campers, families and pitchers who make and sell or bring the festival experience with them.
In the mornings the youngers were first up on the trampoline and were already making things in the daily workshops – i couldn’t get a look in at the t-shirt tie dying and was just as excited as them to do it :) Maybe why this is why i went a bit crazy and cracked the graffiti sprays out


The FUSS room bass’ing out all manner of old school rave tunes was powered by vinyl and seemed to go from the morning before i got up ’til after the main stage closed at night. I tried to shuffle as i walked around bleary eyed but i was feeling too laid back and at peace in a way that maybe only a small festival can give you. The things that caught me were the morning conscious poetry pop ups and the singing workshop (literally my heaven here) learning watermelon man and some real singing tech with the incredible Nina Clark who had just walked off stage, thank god i shut my mouth from wowing at her and got down to the fire pit for the workshop.
Blues, Jazz, Funk, Reggae and Acoustic house as well as some great indie bands were the mainstay of our musical  days. The main stage kicked off around midday with beautiful improv and belly dancing before the live music performances entertained us until late that night.
Friday night Mampama left us jumping and Saturday night Randolph Matthews totally blew us away. We were treated to an intimate live house rave! Introduced on to the stage as a musical genius he proved it by bringing out some incredible original house sounds. That soulful 80s house vibe over his own bass banging beats were throw back to the original house ways as well as experimental and jumping – the house revolution is here and it snuck in to Pitch Festival in Folkestone! Randolph told us after 23 years in the business he’s finally doing what he loves and thats House and making people dance! Definitely catch him live if you can. Bring on the LIVE HOUSE .. the revolution started quietly and it’s here.


We took the days to chill out and as we did our camp evolved from a healing library and chill zone, dance floor, to our planetarium. Folkestone Pitch Festival was a breath of fresh air and we felt it warm in our hearts whilst we fell asleep from making wishes on shooting stars.
Indigo X

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