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Brunch Electronik #2: Dubfire, Vera, Gusta-vo, Kaesar b2b Cruz

Brunch Electronik #2: Dubfire, Vera, Gusta-vo, Kaesar b2b Cruz

Brunch Electronik

Brunch Electronic is going off on sundays around Lisbon.. and if you didn’t catch wind already, Lisbon is Festival and Party central! I’m still sitting on it as my secret for as long as i can but the scene is already blowing to those in the know. Not only is it alive with people on the search for the festival vibe the Portuguese are after the good times whilst some of the DJs are bouncing on the tech house tribe thats filtered world wide but there’s something else going on in these beats. I swear i can hear an evolution of music going down – Lisbon has become a digital rave production town. The transitions are smoother, the tunes are not ones you’ve heard all day all night and the mix up in the flavours between ravers, drops and djs has got me hooked.

brunch electronik

Work you’re way in to lisbon dancing life with Brunch Electronik, it’s a festival in the sunshine with wicked DJs… there is also the chance that as soon as you get there you find 2 south london chicks to dance with on the front lines .. or maybe that shit only happens to me :)

Boom beats to keep you flowing all day, i stood up Ibiza to stay in portugal and rave.

Dubfire kept the crowd going But Vera Goes Wild – made me go a little insane!


Brunch Electronik Lisbon



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