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Audiowhore Happy 6th Birthday!

Audiowhore Happy 6th Birthday!



So i accidentally cast a spell

But in the end all is well

I can only acclaim Audiowhore

for putting on a Birthday party that ripped up the score!

Bumping from the queue to get in

Met a crazed DJ booth crasher

Who wanted to dance with Lee Foss & Co

BUT THEN! my first season shocker

I thought i’d nearly miss the whole damn plot .. ugh!

Because dancing in the foyer, I lost my first hour

Volkoder ripped up the decks like there was no tomorrow

When i finally rumbled i was missing the rave up

I walked in to the flashing lights and

Dennis Ferrer had taken the reigns an hour later

Thank gawd for magic or MPT (music person time) cos i’d been saved!

And Steve Lawler made me get down

It all came together to make the best party in town..

Thank you Audiowhore for your Pimping Birthday Tech House Sounds

Audiowhore’s 6th Birthday at Brixton Academy O2 has kicked off Season 3 with a bang!

As soon as i realised what was happening in my backyard i had to start.

Welcome to the amp up to Hotfestivals Season 3!

Have you not raved in Brixton Academy already?

With this Lineup Audiwhore was ready to rumble

Yes i gotta throw my gloves on the table, Dennis Ferrer tipped the peg for me to jump down to my old homeways in Brixton Town 2 hours to get there and i was outside the confused ticket queue waiting for the hocus pocas to calm – i walked away and came back and stood next to a lad all puffed out so happy who bust back in after just getting bouncered out for crashing the railings .. reciting “i just wanted to party with the dj’s!” yeaaaaaah he did – raver gold cup crew already – what had i missed !

Lets face it – the set up is perfect; O2 Brixton academy is one of the last sweetspots left .. i guess not many people know how good it is, but with rave status the way it is, i’ll let this secret slip for now.

I was dancing at the door and Bam Dennis Ferrer had obviously got the memo because i landed in time for his set – but i lost an hour as i floated out of all time and space with the boom Djs in the mini club thrown up in the foyer – great game on guys! what – a – party!

Arun Varone had the heat turned straight up to blast

I have an official mini crush on Volkoder who is definitely one to watch this season if he keeps it up on the switch ups – he’s already been picked up on by hot creations, toolroom and suara, now looks like his time and he’s showing it out.

catch these hot still fresh vibes… Volkoder  turned me straight up in to an audiowhore – this combination is on fire.

I jumped in to the main gig Dennis Ferrer lights up on the stage, the army of smoke guns shoot off on the stage in jet plumes, the music starts to shake in and out and tune Everybody came to party.. we sure did!

With a space ride through the solar system on the av Dennis Ferrer took us on a ride with Steve Lawler bouncing on a pick me up rewarding raver with the shift we needed to take it to the ground.

Sound of the set from Dennis Ferrer was Sights for me, take a jump in and feel it in your skin

Sound of the set from Steve Lawler who totally threw it down and took up the pace with Camelphat’s Lizard King.. made me pretty happy i was in the best spot in town.
I had an awesome night and audiowhore are on my watch list.. they are getting a little bit serious word up .. its clear their on a domination path looking forward to what else they’ve got rolling for us.
 Special kinda night for a Special Kinda Gig, Happy 6th Birthday AudioWhore I’m loving it X
Check out Mint Warehouse 29th April for their next Banger Night in Leeds.. or if you can hold out til then… Ministry of Sound 17th June … GRAB YOUR TICKETS YO.



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