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The Little Festival Does Tech House Right

The Little Festival Does Tech House Right

The Little Festival

Have you heard about The Little Festival? NO? 

Well lets get you on the pulse then because they might be ‘little’ but they are doing something really festival special. It’s not just the festival vibe though, its the music that brings this unique experience that has you jumping to go – because these guys are mavericks on a disintegrating house scene and they bring the tech and house blend that has been missing from the decks FOR TOO LONG! is it tech house or is it house tech? who cares about the friggin label because it’s a romping raving festival jet and The Little Festival are injecting a secret musical breed in to London that is the club festival. I jumped to the rhythms at The steelyard, which is 3 railway arches under Cannon Street – I accidentally walked past it twice.. but when i was inside (even after being at 2 other festivals that day) i felt like i’d finally arrived in that chilled out vibe that is festival club fix i needed that night.

They call it innovative tech house.. i say finally its the right sounds, thanks to Vatos Locos boss Hector

elrow’s Marc Maya

& NoExcuse label boss Emery Warman

who jammed up the decks by packing it tight with Lewis Jimenez,


Osmi- who is co-owner of the little festival whose speciality is dirty dark techno to calm melodic house –

Can you see why this fusion tastes so good now?

Alex Smith, with his big minimal synths..

Dan Gayle who builds a set that makes you react like dropping alker-seltzer in to a coke bottle (mash up da place you know)

& thanks to Jarmo who keeps the pace high so we can kick it all night.


Now you know your missing out – if your stuck in the city and already feel the festival vibes bleeding out your veins then this is one if all day all night you just want to go insane.

Billed as a tech house festival, well you need to start throwing your labels out the window because this is tech house done right – its got the bump the grind and the nod to the big house sound whilst tripping it up and about so you can keep going these guys give you the tech house party sound.

Everything from the hard boom bass licks, i went straight to the speaker and dance away all my pains infront of tha ‘bins. The tunes keep you up whilst the set up is buff, umbrellas from the ceiling, hanging tough above the bar before you roll in a bit further pick up your flashing foam glow sticks, mad sunnies wigs n random stuff galore.

It’s finally a tech house festival done right with the party experience all wrapped up in the Little Festival Bag.

Get your bass line pumping with the mad mix they’ve just dropped and know not only is the festival vibe, the spirits high, the jinx on the dance floor goes down all night.

The Little Festival will be banging it up again on Nov 26th-

Click here for the facebook event & book your tickets & get to this one.

P.s the minesweeping was quite good #shhhh it wasn’t me :p

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