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The First British Burlesque Awards

The First British Burlesque Awards

The First Annual British Burlesque Awards hit London and i’m so honoured to have been a part of it!

Hello world UK Burlesque is on the map because the Burlesque Awards has arrived! and it’s a statement of fact, that’s it’s high time it’s here to recognise, the incredible blooming industry that is again more than the live, more than the strip, with its roots mixed deep in cabaret: Burlesque is where the creative sexualites hang out.. Because you need to invent a language for this incredible crowd and a scene that’s close to my heart that encourages every soul it meets to let yourself be incredibly you and let all the crazy hang out. 

The Burlesque Awards landed in the glitz of London City’s bright lights and what a great night deep in the bowls of the exquisite proud cabaret – it was smokey, with velvet purple booths grouped around the floor, a crowd so glam i was walking around in awe and a catwalk leading from the stage out through the stacked seating, which every time was used only made us roar. The acts were mesmerising and I spent the night either in fits of laughter or with my mouth hanging wide open because of the creativity, elegance, balls, passion, new frontiers and foremost the amazing personalities that filled the room like starlight. 

Awarded best Compere later that same night Reuben Kaye took us on our Burlesque Awards flight, with the gorgeous Saph Rox sipping bubbles from the panel as we all let the incredible journey take us to brilliant new heights: all aboard was a decision by all when the false eyelashes went on at the beginning of the night.  

Voted for live on the night by the panel of judges was Best Performer 2016 and boy it must have been tight! But Lolo Brow ripped it to shreds with her reptilian takeover and a new flip on the words of David Icke.


Second Place for UK Burlesque Act of the year is Lilly SnatchDragon and her performance was a big giant one that came from the heart, she bared our soul and took us with her on her journey of entrapment, societal slavery category conditioning, i’ve never seen anyone let their soul bleed a little on stage – i was there with her the whole time. I really loved her vocal echo production, its the most intimate raw act i’ve seen from Burlesque. I hear Lilly is part of a feisty east london crew called fierce.. on my hotfestivals list to check out!


Whilst Lolo and Lilly place gave us mirrors of how society is changing and our place as humans in it breaking the boundaries to exist coming in joint 3rd place Were Marni Scarlet bringing the outragiousness


and Vicky Butterfly with her light up Isis Wings SHOUTOUTS FOR A PIC!

Best British Burlesque Performer goes to Bettsie BonBon – and sheessssh if this is what she was doing 4 years ago no wonder she’s on fire!

Best British Boylesque Performer goes to Dave The Bear –

here’s a pic i caught a year ago .. and you can see why #hegrowls

Dave The Bear

Thank you to the incredible Burlie crew that made the First Ever UK Burlesque Awards such a top notch, massive success

Check Out The Burlesque Bible for All the Award Listings  for the well deserved full list including

Best costumier: Talulah Blue AND Best Political Voice: Rubbyyy Jones – these guys are amazing :)

Indigo X

British Burlesque Awards

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