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Bugged Out at Warehouse Project Festival

Bugged Out at Warehouse Project Festival

Totally Bugged Out at Warehouse Project

Well Hotfestivals kicked Warehouse Project season off to a bloody good whopping start! Sailor Jerry’s Spiced and a bottle of prosecco on the mega bus London to Manchester we left at 6 and rolled in at half 11pm and seem to have pissed off pretty much everyone around us because we talked the whole way there. Its friday evening people fuck off and book a silent coach next time. I say this guiltlessly after a treading the boards all night and morning and passing out in the cosy roar of talking as my mind could sink away finally to re-listen to the music vibrations that had hit me that night..

Meeting Sascha Marchionne as we walked in is pretty much the most epic way to start, i was just in the head space of contemplating how much i didn’t know what to expect of Warehouse Project and the look i got from Sascha, this one that flashed through his eyes, when i told him it was my first time; was of pure excitement for me (and no doubt 80% surprise).

Straight off the road and we walk in through these massive hanging plastic sheets like curtains, they made my raver senses excite – the bass was coming through the walls and the floor inside, a warehouse maze that by the beats i unravelled my night. The main room was like raving in the London tunnels but the sound was crisp, bass vrrrumming through you and no echo crap to fuck up the set. The stages are big where DJ’s perform centre of it like a show where all the ravers face, shout, cheer, ram, or make em rewind the chase. The lights make it chronic, real spots, rays and lasers but the biggest secret is half way through the night like the changing of the guard there is a changeover of the ravers. At the first round in, its defiantly a manchester thing, some big nights out for the students and ting – but by 3am, the kids have gone home, watch out of their way n let em go – or suffer my same fate of a smashed iPhone.

Bugged Out though smashed it all night but Dusky was making the place shake the main room was ram up inside! The pit was full to the rafters! Its actually inspired me to write a Warehouse Project Survival guide (but thats something i’ll get to afters) it was wall to wall and i really wanted to dance. Daniel Avery played out and out with a great fluid set that took us on a whole journey, what a cracking sound. Artwork i kicked myself for not catching enough off, though i’m hooked and on the scent so you’ll be seeing some more on hotfestivals.

Standout Over shout, hold it down, best on the round, who killed it in and out of bounds, for me – on this night Jackmaster was totally like a musical phoenix twisting up the beats mid flight – back to back with Joy Orbison was mission impossible not awesome! But i feel like i got to witness a very special sight – DJ’s playing when they are hanging out and having the time of their life. Jackmaster slammed it in with decade of breaks, whilst Joy Orbison brought us these awesome heavy (me&you) mystical takes.

Rave room 2 was overall the best place to get Bugged Out, with enough room to wiggle around and a proper banging crowd. It made us feel like we were in the party zone, which was perfect for Jeremy Underground who took us through a great deep set, followed by Paul Woolford who took it back to the zone. He has brought back to life that big classic sound and some sort of special sauce combining the beats, the bass, the vocals and the effects that wind you up on his well played drops. Then Jimmy Edgar took us closer to Berlin with his Bugged Out flavours being just the thing for robotic ravers stepping on a cloud.

Rave room three was where Klose One held his own all night – this was more than a back to back or a few sets on the festival throng – a 9 hour set! How can it do it that long and keep it that tight? He kept it thumping and he had the ravers jumping, killing it with his underground trace and gave an incredible crossover of grime, tech, house and drum n bass. 

What’s Next for us at Warehouse Project? We’ll get our thinking caps on – in the meantime time … why don’t you go have a rave up… the seasons just getting started… GET YOUR RAVE ON.

Indigo X

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  1. Joseph Dent

    6th October 2016 at 2:19 pm

    Wicked write up. Vibes on point!

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