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TRANZ-MISSION :Relive Summer Before It Flies

TRANZ-MISSION :Relive Summer Before It Flies

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Like a Grand Master Flash, summer is here showing her face again for what could be the last weekend in UK time. If you missed out on all the bangers this festival season or feel like you’re already lazing back in to that sofa of yours then pull the plug one last time before you regret it and winter season is here. One more chance to jump! Catch Slipmatt, Ratpack, Dj Hype, Fabio & Grooverider and have the Artful Dodger save the day. Tranzmission is here for you to heavy step and dance all your troubles away.

On the Bill – Listen still .. right in small print are the garage PA’s

ROBBIE CRAIG – ‘Lessons in Love’ / ‘Woman Trouble’ / ‘Better Man’
RICHIE DAN – ‘Dan Man’ / ‘Temptations’ / ‘Call it Fate’
LONYO – ‘Garage Girls’ / ‘Destiny’ / ‘Summer of Love’

And the mad up Creed with his wired up deeds once i’m caught up in his sound i have no power to escape. And woaw there – take a moment about Sun City running the stage and celebrating 21 years (we talking original things over here) It’s back to back just like that and we haven’t even got in to the rave?

One Nation & Jungle fever i cant wait to feel it up. Skibbadee always sends me crazy i can’t help it i was born on the dub. Raindance is serving and my dancing wants to herd me to; Frankie Bones i gotta catch, Shades of Rhythm and Shut Up & Dance – clearly i’m going to have a headliner clash!

Happy Hardcorers there’s a tent for you .. No doubt you’ll be teaching me a thing or two, Kool Fm, i’ve got my eye there – Jack Knife AND Demolition Crew eh..
Said you were a raver yeah? Well let me see your hands up in the air… or i’m telling you the Old Skool will come back to haunt you :p
Tranzmission Festival Outdoor
Tranzmission Festival Tranz-mission festival London Uk
And don’t forget to keep your eye out for  The Rolling Raver #originals XX
Original Rolling Raver
See You In The Rave
Indigo X

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  1. MisT-Oldskool aka the Rollin Raver

    11th November 2017 at 1:59 am

    I love this Blog. An I Love the Raves and Festivals… This is the place to see where and whats going on.. Indigo Rocks… #musicismymedication #cantwalkjustdance #rollin_raver #ifyoucantstandupstandout

  2. MisT-Oldskool aka the Rollin Raver

    11th November 2017 at 2:03 am

    If anyone wants to find me I’m also on instagram #oldskool_rollin_raver

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