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Who To See At Eastern Electrics Festival Tomorrow

Who To See At Eastern Electrics Festival Tomorrow

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We’re celebrating Eastern Electrics 5th birthday! Join us for Eastern Electrics Festival at Hatfield House, it’s going to be a booming Festival AND boy has it been a rollercoaster for these guys. Starting out as a one day event at Area 12 in Greenwich, in 2012 they jumped straight in to a full weekend festival at Knebworth, BUT for the last 3 years they found home at Hatfield House, and it’s going to be the best festival playground.. we hear on the ground.

Here’s HotFestival’s run down of the top 3 up and comers to check out tomorrow

AND the top 3 unmissable acts. Listen up!

Up & Coming

1. Sam Supplier – Wah, great set at Koko’s – it’s where Indigo & JD met, more syncs in store watch out for it psyche – crack ooooonnnn..and press play

2. Idris Elba 

Yeah the actor. Go to see if this guy is good at DJing as he is at acting. Lets go!

Especially now as he’s getting in to da proper house (his words)

 3. Detlef
Recent releases on Hot Creations/Cajual. One to watch!
Anyone who releases on that label become big eventually 100%.

If you like it harder, here you go

Now We’re Here You Better Come See Us! – OUR TOP 3

1. Steve Lawler – Runs VIVa Warriors. Enough said. If you don’t know who they are you shouldn’t be at this festival.

50 tracks from VIVa Warriors. 50 tracks from VIVa Warriors. We already know we want it all night long!

2. Derrick Carter aka Blucu

 One of the originators of the Detroit/Chicago house scene. Absolutely cannot miss. Roll up Roll the toes are dancing now

3. Eats Everything

The Dirtiest Bird in the game. Absolutely kills every place he turns up at.

Creates the grittiest, bassiest, ass shaking beats. When his tunes come on you can’t help but get down. Simples

See you at the front!- thats from JD

See you in the middle on the stage & everywhere dancing ! it’s gonna be RRRAAAAGGGEEEEE – Indigo X


facebook ’em , just make sure you get down.


leave a comment if you’re on it or sign up if you want some festival loving

This is going to be a MAD EPISODE! Eastern Electrics .. We Ready, You Ready?


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