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Audio Farm Festival – Get Involved, It’s about to Blow

Audio Farm Festival – Get Involved, It’s about to Blow

Audio Farm Festival

I’m pretty excited i caught Audio Farm festival this year. It’s one of those festivals that you dream about discovering so you can be both a part and a witness to it finding its way and building it’s tribe. Don’t get me wrong Audio Farm already has its own tribe, but the locals to Hendre Hall in Bangor North Wales got a taste of it this year and i know deposits have been put down ALREADY.. the crowd speaks! we are #converts #slavestothegoodtimes :)

Audio Farm festival is a place you find a fammo in the people you meet, spend times drifting between what ever your heart speaks – my favourite moments were dancing in the back of a van, drumming all night long just because i can, mashing it up on the dancegrass and getting at om with the gongs . I’d driven 8 hrs in all to get there (with one accidental northern ireland call – there’s Bangor there too #dontmakemymistakes). As soon as i’d landed the soulful house vibes were going at the centre of the estate, hoolahoopers twisting like the best sort of band, around the graffiti artists plotted with stencils in hand, as their live art became the backdrop for Audio Farm Festival land.

That’s pretty much a touchdown start to a festival in my eye’s but Audio Farm was just getting started on me. It’s strange; before i bumped in to Audio Farm Founder Adam on the Saturday night, i’d already had this feeling that it all was birthing still in front of my eyes. Here’s the vid that i caught in between (the sober times).

Audio Farm festival what can i say – one things for sure i’m forever changed – i seem to be slipping in to a Mancunian sound, forget any hope because i’m lost in it now. And thats the flow that makes it free, everyone milling about in heart n’ honesty, the all night jam, the mad house tech bangs, n boy can mamma moonshine twang ! The drum n bass was mixed in waves made my jaw drop and slam it on my one man stage. The jokers, the players, the dancers, the stayers, the all night til morning tape up that didge ravers, the Mobius Loop for the Hemp naysayers ..

It’s a Mancunian fusion that’s got stuck in my bones with a North Welsh confusion that i’m drawn to repose – oh i wont get too tricksy on my rhymes or my words but get a wriggle on to chester 2017 as it bangs and it grows – But you know what enough of my rambles… i’ll let this picture speak it’s thousand words X

audio farm festival 2017 chester

Indigo Rocks

P.s Sophie Bee – you a Queen X

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